Solli Adi

All credits to Vijay’s striking performance and Bolinger's powerful bowling that restricted the opponent's score in the match against the Rajasthan Royals.

It was Vijay’s game that took CSK’s score to heights. And thanks to the Solliadi Vaasthu songs (Bomma Bomma thaan, Karupura nayagiyae kanagavalli..) that created the magic.

Will CSK make it to semi finals?

Though the initial games played by our team did not mark a good record continuous win in forthcoming matches will definitely get a good chance for us to make to the semis.

ALL THE BEST to CSK and for all you people who are still waiting to win loads of money in 'Solliadi'.

CSKku Whistle podu!!

Solli Adi


The most awaited show ‘Solliadi’ is back for this IPL season 3. Our favourite duo Suresh and Aloysious once again rock the on-air waves with their fascinating compering and witty comments. For the second time Radio Hello is happy to be the proud partners of Chennai Super Kings in this IPL 3.

Further adding more glitz to the original show format new pre-match updates on the teams, pitch and weather conditions have been lined up in this ‘Solliadi 2010’and not to forget the most looked-for Vaasthu songs are also creating a new wave amongst the listeners.

For all those who feel worn out by Chennai’s strong heat waves we have ‘Solliadi’, a cool refreshing show that will make you enjoy this IPL cricket with loads of money and fun.

So don’t forget to tune into Solliadi with Suresh and Aloysious only on Radio Hello 106.4 FM during the CSK matches till the end of IPL 3.

Solli Adi

Today is a sad day for all the cricket fans and fanatics out there and of course to the Solli Adi Team o’er here. Our dear Indian team has reached a position that it has to return back without any trophy, no matter how well they play today.

With the immense support of all the Hello FM 106.4 fans, we made it a point to make Solli Adi available for you even for the T20 World cup, after the IPL Matches. So many of our listeners got several cash awards that we are not able to put up the list here. It would go toooooo long.

So, now we are in a position to say you a temporary good-bye. But hey, it’s temporary, till the next T20 world cup or IPL Match, whichever is earlier.

Till then, keep commenting and communicating to us by conveying your messages in the comment boxes below all the posts.


Solli Adi
You would have seen them, chatting up with Nandha, Sherif and Prem Gopal and trying to dance with them in video of the radio interview of Vijay TV Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Deva.
If you still haven't seen the faces of your favourite voices, here are their pics.


Solli Adi
Hey all,

Its time for a T... Not Tea... Its T 20...

And I am here to convey you, not a good news, but a great news!

Yes, our dear Suresh and Aloysius are here with Solli Adi, getting ready for to gift us the best of their commentry for T20 World Cup. 

So, now what.? Laze onto the Eazy chair, keep beside a bowl of pop corn, have a tea and watch T 20, and as usual as I say, click on the mute button and tune in to Hello FM 106.4, everytime India is on the field.
Solli Adi

Radio has always been a fantastic entertainer. Inspite of the arrival of Television, Radio fans are still growing in numbers and the radio stations too.

Despite of the existence of several radio stations, there is one that is always dedicated to greet you with a cheery Hello every time you switch it on. You must have guessed it, its Hello FM 106.4.!

With the craze of cricket catching over and IPL fever spreading more than the swine flu, here comes Hello FM with an innovation, Solli Adi.

Solli Adi is a unique game show with Bigil Suresh and Aloysius taking the lead in par with the Chennai Super Kings. This is an absolute game show and a total fun show just for the Chennai Makkal. The commentary is in fun filled Madras Tamil. And the best way to enjoy your favourite team, Chennai Super Kings perform is to watch them play on the TV and hear the youthful sparkling commentary of our own Suresh and Aloysius.

About SolliAdi:

This is a game show par excellence for the absolute cricket fanatic. This is a phone in program and for the arrows of questions shot at you by our own Suresh and Aloysius, you’ve gotta give your best guess.

 So, wondering what are these questions related to.? Of course, the glorified Indian Premier League that’s IPL.  If you could guess it right, and do it fast enough to call up and tell them as one among the first three, there you have got through the hot seat.

Price Money:

Well, you call up and guess correctly for nothing.? How can that be.? You have a fantastic price money to do all these things.

The first three who get the correct guesses gets a price money of 1064 bucks each. Now what’s this 1064.? It’s the wavelength of Hello FM indeed, 106.4. Plus, these 3 callers get the chance to play the first round.  

I’ll tell you a secret. I can give you the question now itself. Ready for it.? How many runs will the team score in the first over? Ha, Gotcha… Well, though I give you the question now itself, it’s difficult for you give the answer. Yet, if u guess it right, you get 1000 bucks. That’s a deal, isn’t it. If two contestants guess it correctly, they get 500 bucks each. And if none guess it correctly, the money goes tooooooooo, surprise, surprise…. It goes to the next over. Every time, there comes an over with no right answers, the cash gets carried over.

SMS Contest:

Worriedly asking, what if I don’t get a line? Well, there is the SMS contest, where the total number of runs and wickets of the whole innings has to be guessed. The winner gets, 5 bucks. Ok. Just joking, the winner gets 5000 bucks.

What’s different?

As I said, earlier this is best enjoyed with the TV on mute and Hello FM in full volume.

You get to hear the absolute timing songs along with the mind blowing commentary. A sad song for an out , a happy hippie song for a sixer and a perfect situation song for every other scenario.

What’s more, there are nick names for every other person, for eg. the umpire is called a ‘Sivappu Sattai’.

So, what happens to this show if a rain spoils the game? Simple, the game takes a route to move towards general questions on cricket.

Official Radio Partners of CSK:

Though last season of IPL, had SolliAdi, this season, they take this new avatar as the Official Radio Partners of CSK.

With that as a reason, RJs Suresh and Aloysius had a great time with the CSK team as well.

The RJ’s:

RJ Suresh is well known person with a load of experience and an absolute hardworker and multitasker. But, more than anything, he knows the pulse of the Chennai Makkal and knows to keep ‘em entertained with his speech skill.

RJ Aloysius, is our own ‘Rendu Mani Attam’ specialist. ‘Rendu Mani Attam’ is put on hold at present, for a… a… a… a… a… a well surprise. Wait and watch.!!!

Suresh with the CSK:

The Fan(atic) Following:

The show’s so fantastic that, after their first run of Solli Adi for the first run of IPL, several lakhs of SMS’s and messaged flooded every RJ’s inbox appreciating their absolutely amusing commentary and asked for more commentary and less songs.!!!

Now, Chennaities also want a session of SolliAdi for the 20 20 World cup as well. Now, what can be more inspiring for Suresh and Aloysius? Isn’t it, my dear RJ’s…?????

Solli Adi

When the Stars make it a point to reach of to the Chennaities thru Hello FM...